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Are you ready to dive in deep to get to the root of your money or conficence issues?  Motivated to find out what’s keeping you from living your life connected to your inner Wisdom and Wealth? Willing to put in the work? Not afraid to use body-mind-soul-tools?

Great! Don’t be shy, contact me –  personal coach and certified Tapping into Wealth Coach – with your questions via:

Dive into your overwhelm, self sabotage or procrastination and tap into your talents and strenghts
Discover how your mindset stops you from moving toward reaching your goal. Depending on your issue:
– Uncover what’s behind your overwhelm
– Find out what your inner critic really wants you to know
– Get clear about your (subconsious) limiting beliefs
And address and heal what no longer serves you so you feel confident and inpired to take your next steps toward your dream or goal.
€ 125 for a 60 minutes session including a 15 minutes follow up session (personalized script available for an extra fee)

Money Map session
Money Map session (90 minutes) via Skype. We explore what happens in your mind and body when we talk about the 5 types of money (savings, debt, income, income goals, toxic money). We will find out why the numbers are where they are and what you can do to shift this. The information is powerful in itself and changes your awareness of how money impacts your life and wellbeing completely.
€ 175 including a 15 minutes follow up session and a personalized tapping script

I offer different packages of coaching depending on what level of transformation is needed. If you start with a Money Map, I will make a recommendation at the end of the Money Map session, based on the information we discover. When you choose to continue working with me,  (a part of ) the cost of the Money Map session will be deducted from the price of the package, depending on the package you choose. Packages available from € 450

Ditch the old patterns 

4 sessions of 60 minutes to uncover your limiting beliefs and patterns around money and clear them or deal with a money mindset crisis

Improve your Life 

3 month coaching consisting of bi-weekly sessions (6 in total), personalised assignments and contact via email in between sessions

Transform your Life

6 month coaching package consisting of bi-weekly sessions (12 in total), personalised assignments and contact via email in between sessions

Create a new Life 

9 month coaching package consisting of bi-weekly sessions (18 in total plus 1 bonus session), personalized assignments and unlimited contact via email in between sessions

Coaching the Coaches and Personal Scripting 

Are you aware of something coming up in your life, again and again? Ready to deal with this? Do you need some insight into your own ‘blind spots’?

Are you like most coaches, healers, teachers: “You teach best what you most need to learn,“as Richard Bach writes in his book Illusions? And you need a personal (EFT-tapping) script to address your issues or to get newly motivated?

I have the gift to hear what is temporary not clear to you and I’m happy to write you a script using your input and my intuition so you’ll be able to go on serving others like you do best.
Please inquire when you are interested.


Not sure which package is the right one for your journey? A 30 minute Clarity, Strategy, Action session is available on request. And you are always welcome for a 15 minute chat!

Contact me via: and I’ll send you a link to book a time that suits us both.


I coach in both English and Dutch.

I’m a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach and use different modalities to give you the coaching experience that suits you best.